Beyond the clichés, drug trafficking, Pablo Escobar, and guerrillas… the image of the dark years of the past now gives way to a new, evolving country, open and ready to reveal to those who wish to explore, a wealth of nature and culture beyond what you can imagine…

Discover the timeless Colombia...

Beyond colonial cities, wild beaches, and lush vegetation, Colombia is also...

Indeed, since the peace agreements with the FARC in 2016, Colombia has been able to open up and reveal many preserved and lesser-known sites of incredible beauty! Most cities and tourist sites are secure, allowing for safe travel while remaining vigilant and adhering to common-sense rules, no matter the destination.

Thanks to its highly diverse climate, Colombia offers a wide range of biodiversity, ranking second globally with more than 9,000 endemic species and four ecosystems, including tundra, humid tropical forests, jungles like the Amazon, rivers, and seas with two oceans, the Pacific and the Caribbean…

There’s no shortage of breathtaking sights!

You can find spectacular beaches like those on the Pacific coast, where you can spot humpback whales, admire vast plains in the Llanos Orientales region, known for the exceptional site of Caño Cristales, also called “The Most Beautiful River in the World”, which adorns its finest attire after the rainy season, showcasing five different colors: yellow, blue, green, black, and red. This extraordinary natural phenomenon is due to the presence of an endemic algae.

Tropical forests, endless and impressive deserts, volcanoes, beaches, and wild plains, all orchestrated by the Andes, which divide into three parts in the heart of the country.

Trekking in Ciudad Perdida, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, or in Tayrona Park will immerse you in the heart of a vast tropical forest, where you can see howler monkeys, tamarins, and other species, and discover an incredibly diverse flora. You can also refresh yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Playa Cristal.

In the coffee region, you might be tempted to go horseback riding or take a jeep ride through the beautiful landscapes of the Andes and coffee plantations, or explore the charming, colorful villages typical of the region, such as Filandia or Marsella. In one of the many fincas, you can learn and understand all the steps of coffee production, from bean to cup, and taste one of the world’s finest coffees.

In La Candelaria, Villa de Leyva, or Barichara, you’ll be charmed by the colonial heritage that is reflected in the beautiful squares, house facades, and picturesque cobbled streets.

Discover Colombia of today...

In the big cities, like Bogota, visit its iconic museums such as the Gold Museum or the Botero Foundation with its impressive collection. Indulge in a wide gastronomic selection in its many restaurants. In Medellin, take the cable car to discover the transformation of the famous Comuna 13 and its street art, as well as the Museum of Memory to understand the history of this city and its transformation. Finish your evening at one of the city’s many rooftops.

Let the magic of Cartagena, also known as ‘the Pearl of the Caribbean,’ a UNESCO World Heritage site, enchant you with its beauty, history, colonial architecture, and Afro-Colombian culture that make it a unique city where art, music, and celebration blend seamlessly!

Que tal Colombia ?

How about a cooking class to explore Colombian cuisine? Let’s prepare a traditional dish like Bandeja paisa, Ajiaco, or Posta negra in Cartagena… and finish with the sweetness of cheese dipped in a cup of hot chocolate or over a cup of the world’s best coffee.

As a land of dance: salsa, of course (isn’t Cali the salsa capital… despite the friendly rivalry claimed by Havana… on this note, you can imagine we have some surprises for you…), but also tango, merengue, Vallenato, or cumbia, not to forget Champeta.

The possibilities for discoveries and exchanges are limitless…

Let’s take inspiration from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning author, who considered Colombia a “never-ending source of creation.”

R-Evolution Colombia offers you a unique perspective on this beautiful country: experiencing Colombia through emotions shared with its inhabitants in breathtaking natural surroundings.