After our love affair with Cuba in 2006 and enriched by that wonderful experience, it’s with passion that we want to introduce you to our new destination, Colombia ! Get ready to follow us and break through all the stereotypes on a magical journey where the natural and cultural richness will exceed all your dreams.

Welcome to Colombia! A country that welcomes you with open arms for an unforgettable voyage!

R Evolution Colombie, Colombian and Lyonnais Pulsations

Our Franco-Colombian teams put all their energy, experience, and passion into making you live an unforgettable journey, by showing you many still-preserved sites and sharing intense moments with Colombians.

These beautiful encounters, rich in emotions, will allow you to better understand this welcoming and warm people, very open to sharing their culture.


Our key figures

5 crucial numerical insights for us, as they hold significant meaning. They encapsulate our experiences, our history, and the particularly special connection that exists between R-Evolution Colombia and this beautiful South American country.

5 people

French speakers and Spanish speakers.

2 Countries

The France, our roots; Colombia, our second breath !

16 years

Of human stories, smiles, discoveries, and emotions with R-Evolution Voyages!

9 places

Designated as “World Heritage” by UNESCO

1.14 Millions of Km²

A vast country that requires domestic flights to explore this Latin American gem.

Our services

We invite you to discover the treasures of this country: its compelling history, heritage, its people… but above all, “today’s Colombia” !

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Incentive / Reward Travel / Seminar

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Group travel

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Self-Drive Tour

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Guided Individual Tour

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Themed Travel

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R-Evolution Colombia, beyond the crush, the commitment !

Colombia is a natural paradise, rich in treasures yet to be discovered. But this richness remains fragile. It is up to us to make efforts to preserve it… We are committed every day alongside our local partners, professionals in the tourism industry, in a ‘sustainable tourism’ approach, which is more responsible and respectful of this beautiful country.

Today, our priority is to take into account the challenges and hopes of a country whose future depends on the transformation undertaken in recent years by the tourism industry towards the preservation and enhancement of the country’s natural and cultural heritage.