Your clients wish to travel with complete freedom, allowing them to immerse themselves in the daily life of Colombians and make spontaneous encounters. The self-guided road trip will be the preferred option for their journey in Colombia.

The base of their package will include accommodations only and the option of either renting a vehicle or utilizing a private car service with a driver. Visits and meals can be arranged on a self-guided basis or in advance, depending on your customers’ wishes.

Considering the relatively high cost of car rentals in Colombia, the condition of certain roads, especially in remote villages in the coffee region and elsewhere, and the challenging driving conditions and dense traffic in major cities, we recommend prioritizing the services of a private car service with a driver, which may not necessarily be more expensive. Our team will be able to advise you and create itineraries taking into account road conditions, traffic and access to certain sites to make your customers’ stay as smooth as possible.

In terms of accommodations, we offer a wide range in Colombia, from hostels (standard or superior) to 3/4/5* NL hotels, allowing us to tailor our offerings to each client’s profile and budget.

For each individual trip, we systematically include personalized assistance, depending on the program type. This includes airport pickup by our Colombian/Francophone team, an information meeting the day after the clients’ arrival, and a GPS app (in the case of a self-guided road trip), also a personalised support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling your customers to benefit from our team’s expertise.

Thanks to this support, each of your clients will receive assistance in case of any issues during their journey and can benefit from the advice and experience of our guides in Colombia.

Travelers who prefer not to drive on Colombian roads and want to make the most of their journey can avail themselves of the services of a Spanish-speaking driver with a French-speaking guide at their disposal throughout their entire trip.

As well as enjoying the trip without worrying about the driving, the guide will be able to share his anecdotes with your customers and learn more about the daily life of the Colombian people.